Professional Grade Rosin Press for under $500

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Let’s face it, pressing Rosin is the best way to squeeze out all the juices from cannabis. By using heat and pressure to extract resin from the herb (plant matter), anyone can yield some high quality resin.

The biggest problem with pressing rosin is the cost of equipment. Unless your willing to squeeze out tiny amounts of resin using a hair straightener, your going to have to spend a few bucks. I have seen a lot of great machines go for thousands of dollars, but spending that much wouldn’t make sense unless your running a business.

If your are interested in producing some good rosin at great yield your going to need two things:

High pressure – at least 500lb to 1,000lb ( 2+ tons preferred )

Heat – 150°F to 350°F ( 200°F preferred )

Rosin Press rig less than $500

The finished product, check images below for links.

When Pressing rosin, less heat is needed at higher pressures, meaning you can almost cold press rosin, if you have the right equipment. But, lets stick to the script here. I’m about to show you how you can make your own DIY Rosin Press for less than $500.

Thats right, a press that can dish out 12,000lb of pressure with temperature controls for the most yields! Best of all, it only takes a couple of minutes to set up and use.

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Heat Controlled Press Plates

Tuopuke Rosin Press Kits 3''x5''


0°F to 415°F in minutes!, These heavy duty plates can generate more that enough heat and withstand up to 8000psi. Best of all, the plates are heated to the right temperature with an electronic control box! You don’t have to jerk around with boiling plates, or using a blow torch like some other presses.

If you have ever pressed rosin before, you should have a pretty good idea of what to do and how easy this is to use. Building your own press will save you a ton of cash and work as well if not better than other presses that are double the price. If you like the knowledge, share the article!

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    DIY Rosin Rig

    To build this rig all you need is two simple products:     
    Double Rosin Press Plates Kit Heavy Duty
    Dual Controller Box with Wired Heating Rod   

    6-Ton Hydraulic Shop Floor Press with Press Plates and H Frame 

    If your not in complete shock yet, lets go over the details for both. Also the best method for pre pressing rosin cookies for higher terpenoid yields.                                       
      The Hydraulic Press

    A powerful six ton press housed in a solid H-frame. Super strong and simple construction thats easy to set. The side rails have holes that allow you to adjust the working space. It also includes 2 press plates, use them! They will protect your heating plates. With a total weight of 60lb, you can safely crank out 6 tons of pressure, way more than you will need.

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