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My Cannabis Story: The Road To Recovery

My Cannabis Story: The Road To Recovery by Meg Lewellyn March 26, 2018 Day by day, I am getting better.  Day by day, I am remembering to care for myself and my body. I am feeling stronger and more equipped to take on all the shit that MS doles out on a regular basis.  I have cannabis to thank for that, but when I think back through my journey with learning about and then trying marijuana, it is alarming to think just how close I was to never actually trying it.  If I hadn’t pushed and pursued it, I am...

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Professional Grade Rosin Press for under $500

how to make rosin make rosin resineer rosin press

January 20, 2017 by Adam Deval Leave a Comment Let’s face it, pressing Rosin is the best way to squeeze out all the juices from cannabis. By using heat and pressure to extract resin from the herb (plant matter), anyone can yield some high quality resin. The biggest problem with pressing rosin is the cost of equipment. Unless your willing to squeeze out tiny amounts of resin using a hair straightener, your going to have to spend a few bucks. I have seen a lot of great machines go for thousands of dollars, but spending that much wouldn’t make sense...

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portable enail

enail portable enail

High quality pelican Aromatherapy diffuser kit with nice built-in aluminum alloy case. Free fast shipping USPS Priority Mail 1-3 days! Protect your health with authentic Grade 2 Titanium. Universal & reversible connection - works with 10/14/18mm male or female connections. Memory of last set temperature, heats up fast to 1300+ degrees.

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Quick clamps rosin press controller setting

beginner of rosin press clamps rosin press dual heat press quick clamps rosin press start t-shirt heat press

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How to set the dual controller

dual controller pid controller rosin press rosin press controller rosin press plates single controller xmt7100

Here below is our XMT7100 controller instructions    

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