Any Best Practice tips for preparing flower/trim from harvest to press?

Posted by u/Deepthinker1216

Hello everyone,

I just started pressing at home for the first time and have found this sub to be very help and encouraging. I see everyone coming out with decent yields and mostly nice yellow colors, absolutely beautiful rosin.

I was wondering, since I'm considering growing this summer since you can't get great flower to press from dispensaries, what would be some best practice pre-pressing tips to follow from harvest to press for optimum yield, color, and flavor?

Also, as a side note, if you have tips on collection of rosin after pressing, that would be great. I've noticed at lower temperature presses, the butteriness makes it difficult to pick up and I was wondering what I could to improve my yield when I am collecting the product?

Thanks for all the help.

Keep it simple, google bottle tech, thats about it.
And make sure you have good RH levels