How CBD Can Boost Your Confidence

How CBD Can Boost Your Confidence

Let’s talk confidence…

Some people have it, others don’t.

There’s nothing that can be done, either way. Right?

Wrong, actually. Social anxiety is the arch nemesis of confidence. And anxiety isn’t just common, it’s THE most common mental illness in the U.S, with around 40 million American adults suffering from it (that’s 18% – or almost one in five).

If you’re among this group, chances are that you’ve put in plenty of research as to potential cures. From mindfulness, to meditation and onto medication, you may even have tried them – and still felt nervy, stuttery and shaky. One thing that you probably haven’t ticked off your experimental list, is CBD. But, as you’re about to read, CBD comes with some pretty compelling evidence that it can tackle social anxiety, and in turn up your confidence.

First things first: Just what is CBD?

We need to be clear here – yes, CBD is derived from all-natural, 3rd party tested hemp. But it’s only made up of around 40% of the cannabis plant’s extract.

If you know anything about cannabis, it’s that it could just as well make you paranoid and jumpy, as it could stoned and relaxed. But – and here’s a big but – this only applies to the THC in cannabis (the psychoactive part). Which means that CBD is totally free from the potential mental downsides of cannabis. Which only leaves the good parts, speaking of which…

CBD is scientifically proven to take on social anxiety

In a recent Brazil-based study, sufferers of social anxiety were given cannabidiol (CBD).

The best part about this research is that it wasn’t based on simply asking the participants how they felt. These researchers went a whole lot further – to use neuroimaging to monitor the amount of blood flow in different parts of the brain as a result of the CBD.

As for the result? Well, the study showed that the participants enjoyed:

  • Reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment and discomfort
  • Improved speech delivery
  • Increased levels of participation and alertness
  • Eradication of negative self-talk and degrading thoughts

Out in the online world, testers are impressed

Non-research-based opinions out and about on the internet are interesting, to say the least. Increased focus, improved digestion, faster workout recovery, motivation, improved sleep patterns, reduced cravings, productivity and everyday, all day smiles. These are just a few take outs from reviews and blogs on CBD.

“These results suggest that CBD reduces anxiety in SAD and that this is related to its effects on activity in limbic and paralimbic brain areas”.

  • J. A. Crippa, Head Researcher

Focus. Decide. From a peaceful place of calm.

Those that suffer from social anxiety will likely also struggle with making well-thought out decisions. While plenty of people on blogs and in reviews talk about increased focus, there’s growing scientific research to show that CBD oil may be linked to cognitive function.

Getting specific, it’s shown that regular consumption of CBD could help redress chemical imbalances in the brain, by interacting directly with the central nervous system and stimulating healthy neuron firing and interaction.

That endocannabinoid system of yours, it should brace itself

The endocannabinoid system is pretty important in the scheme of things. It regulates mood, sleep patterns, appetite and much more. The endocannabinoid system is also severely impacted by high ongoing cortisol levels (the hormone that’s released when you face a stressful situation).

CBD oil prods the endocannabinoid system to create more endocannabinoids, as well as a long line up of other hormones and enzymes that could encourage a feeling of calm. It may also reduce the production of cortisol. Good news all round.

Trigger unhappy? Yup, CBD can help here too

Mental illnesses and social anxiety go hand in depressing hand with a multitude of triggers which can set off unwelcome and unwanted emotions.  This might include speaking to strangers, riding the subway, making a speech or attending a formal interview.

CBD’s interaction with the brain, nervous system and endocannabinoid system all combine to help bring the body into a reduced state of alertness, leading to fewer and less severe stress triggers.

Ready to slay slay everyday? We’re not just talking Sundays, we’re talking Mondays, Tuesdays, Hump days, ALL weekend and every day in-between. We’re talking swaggering into a room and interacting with newbies, making a speech and rocking the dance floor. Yeah… safe to say you’ve got this.

This article by Madeleine Taylor is originally published at SundayScaries.