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Best Rosin Press You’ll Want To Try Out (2019 Reviews)

The rosin making procedure requires two crucial things. The first is optimal heat and the second is optimal pressure. With that in mind, nothing other than the best rosin press yields the desired outcome. This little piece of equipment creates a CONTROLLED LEVEL OF HEAT and PRESSURE. And that too for the perfect amount of time!

But manufacturers didn’t just stop there. They decided to make the most of the current advanced technologies. Cause they were aiming to produce something better. And, fortunately, the mission was accomplished. So how about we find out what these advanced options are!


Not a single electric model has the ability to outperform the Tuopuke 3×5” Rosin Press. And that’s because of the unique features installed in here. So if you’re looking for the best electric rosin press, I would suggest you complete the review.

The useful pressing plates are three inches wide and five inches long. And 30mm is the thickness of each plate. The kit includes crash plates that are four-sided. That means the oil doesn’t need to travel a longer distance across the width in comparison to the length.

The rectangular shape of the plates helps in achieving higher yield. Along with preserving the natural terpene content! The top quality aluminum composition of those smashing plates is what’s responsible for the competitive value. The thing about aluminum plates is that they distribute heat rapidly across the surface. To promote proper heat dissipation!

You get the opportunity to work with double heating rods. Both are securely attached and well-equipped to heat the plates. The Weselltech 3×5” Rosin Press is also armed with electric temperature control. The rods and this control box are properly connected with the help of coated electric cables.

So there’s no doubt that the Tuopuke 3×5” Rosin Press performs exactly as you might expect.

The optimal thickness of the plate allows the press to heat up accurately. Temperature adjustment is also a characteristic that deserves praise.


he rosin making procedure requires two crucial things. The first is optimal heat and the second is optimal pressure. With that in mind, nothing other than the best rosin press yields the desired outcome. This little piece of equipment creates a CONTROLLED LEVEL OF HEAT and PRESSURE. And that too for the perfect amount of time!

But manufacturers didn’t just stop there. They decided to make the most of the current advanced technologies. Cause they were aiming to produce something better. And, fortunately, the mission was accomplished. So how about we find out what these advanced options are!


If you think manual presses require too much effort, you’re probably right. But there are a few models that feature a simple design. The kind that makes the task of hand pumping seem quite effortless. And one such good example is the Tuopuke Quick Clamps Dual Heat Plates Rosin Press.

The machine consists of double heated plates. Along with digital temp control! The body is constructed using stain-resistant, top grade materials. Even the components are high-grade. The weight you’re dealing with is relatively lighter than the popular NugSmasher models currently available. So transportability is a boon.

Since this Tuopuke rosin press is lightweight and compact, you can place it wherever you like. Now that that’s out in the open, what else is there to know about? Let’s talk about the structure of the press plates for a second. These are square-shaped with a non-stick coating. The latter is necessary in the case of the former. Because these types of plates are prone to get stained by the slow-moving rosin extract.

How about the heating element? You can closely regulate temperature with the help of the digital controller. It’s installed inside the machine’s control box. Operational temperature goes up till 415 degrees. Isn’t that commendable!

There’s a digital timer as well. This particular automatic feature ensures that your raw materials don’t remain inside for longer than required. Such a technology sets in place the much-needed release mechanism. And that disengages the locked press plates. So the bottom plate descends down at the correct time. And in the correct manner!

So how about you buy the Tuopuke Quick Clamps Rosin Press and see what I’m talking about!

A hassle-free performance with a scratch-resistant body is the highlight here. You’ll thank me later for convincing you to go for this pick. As the heating coils offer a full range for quick operation and results!

So the instructions are as good as none. But the good news here is that the Tuopuke Quick Clamps Dual Heat Plates Rosin Press features a simple design. How about you use that to your advantage!



Tuopuke 4x7'' the best hydraulic rosin press

Now it’s time to review this hydraulic monster. It’s called the Tuopuke 4×7” Rosin Press. And the model ranks as the most durable on the current market. In my opinion, the use of aluminum is what contributes to creating such an impression.

The highly useful heating plates have an aluminum structure. This is probably the only design element that makes the  Tuopuke 4×7” Rosin Press so long-lasting.

Moving on, the manufacturer has equipped the product with temperature control. This features the heating rod. But allow me to focus on the plates a little more. They are lightweight yet strong. And as far as heat transfer goes, these heating plates do an exceptional job. Without producing hot spots!

20-ton capacity is what you’re looking at. You might be wondering about assembly as well. If that’s your mind too, then here’s what you need to know. The Tuopuke 4×7” Rosin Press setup process is much like tightening screws. The undertaking doesn’t last for more than five minutes.

This particular option exceeded all my expectations. In terms of performance, design, and durability. So I don’t see why the experience is going to be any different with you.

Quality and affordability are remarkable factors. And they should be when you want to choose the best rosin press. So now you know why I decided to shortlist the Tuopuke 4×7” Rosin Press.

The only major setback is the lack of speed. The press takes too long to heat. And then too long to cool down after heating!


So the last pick on the list is the best hydraulic press in a compact size. It consists of all the right features to make it a highly useful model. Suitable for all types of personal home applications!

You simply need to plug it in, set the time and temperature for every control panel. And then the machine raises accordingly. Place your raw materials into the filter. Now it’s time to put that rosin bag by the silicone material oil paper. Then place this on top of the lower plate. The product includes a rosin tool that you can use to collect fluid rosin. Finally, gather the rosin for storage.

If you follow these instructions, you won’t have a single problem with the production process. In fact, you’ll be quite impressed with the overall design and performance of this best rosin press.

The unit is equipped with legs for installation. These legs, as well as the lever, are easy and quick to assemble. On top of that, the plates have the capacity to heat up evenly. Without wasting too much of your time!

And if you’re a newbie, you won’t take long to figure out your way around it. Trust me!

The Tuopuke Mini Hydraulic Rosin Press is a perfect choice for home use. There’s no denying that!

Rosin presses don’t come cheap. So if you’re willing to spend that kind of money, you might as well do it right. It’s always a better idea to invest in a brand that you know manufactures high-quality products. Such as Tuopuke and their Mini Hydraulic Press!

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Best Rosin Press


Rosin presses are still relatively new tools on the market, but due to superb functionality and even better results, they are more than just an important tool to have. Basically, they use a combination of heat and pressure to extract rosin. But, these tools are by far more complicated than it sounds, so you will definitely need the best rosin press.

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As we have just mentioned rosin presses are complicated tools, therefore there are a lot of factors which must be taken into account. Below we will list the main ones, which can make a search for this tool much easier.


Temperature is essential for making high-quality rosin. Here we can see two alternatives. The first temperature range is between 150 and 220 degrees Fahrenheit. In this case scenario, you will get the better flavor but less yield. Now we have a higher temperature between 220 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, you can expect more yield but less flavor. Ideally, you would use temperatures above 300 degrees Fahrenheit



Pressure is the second most important factor when it comes to choosing the right rosin press. Here you should target for something starting from 500PSI. Of course, the more is better and most presses can provide pressure up to 1300PSI, which is generally enough for most applications.

For example:

A 10-ton press = 20,000 lbs. If you have a 3″x5″ plate = 15 square inch.
Hence, 20,000/15 = 1,333 PSI

Note: These numbers serve as a guide only. Results will always vary depending on temperature and material as well the press you choose.


There are several types of these presses. Determining what you actually need will give you an answer to the question which press you actually need. Now we will explain the most common types.


These presses are based on standard hydraulic presses but heaters are added. You will need a lot of adjustments and a hydraulic press of 10-20 tons.


Here we have the most popular type. They are great for home-based applications and they are the smallest of them all. They are obviously called manual because you will use your own force to operate them.


These presses may provide up to 30 tons of pressure, but they offer the heating option as well. When it comes to practicality, they are small and compact as well, almost the same as manual models.


These presses use air rather than oil and they are very sophisticated. Despite the fact they are similar to hydraulic models, they can be adjusted during the process itself. All you have to do is to press a button.


When it comes to electric models, they require power outlets and that’s it. Yes, most of them are 1-2 ton presses, but there are 10-ton pressure models out there. On average, you should look for 7000 pounds pressure press.


And now we have the most interesting press of them all. They are basically hydraulic presses, but they can be powered by air, electricity or a hand pump.

Make sure to take into consideration all of the factors we have mentioned here in order to get the best rosin press out there. Getting the best results isn’t very complicated, after all.


Well, by now you must be aware of the many companies that have flooded the market with all sorts of Rosin Press. However, the above factors should give you a glimpse of what you need. To make your search more accurate and ensure you to get value for every dollar that you will use, consider the following features of a great Rosin Press:

  1. It has a Digitized Temperature Control

As mentioned earlier, the temperature is one of the crucial factors to consider if you want quality rosin. It can basically make or break the entire extraction process. If you decide to go too cool, you will end up having very little yields. On the flip side, when the temperatures are too high it will burn the oil. These issues can be easily solved by having a digitized temperature control on your Rosin Press machine.

  1. It has a Digitized Timer

When it comes to rosin extraction, timing is another essential that cannot be ignored. The best Rosin Press should at least have two decimals in the running timer. When the temperature increases the timer should regulate itself automatically.

  1. Its heat plates are longer and narrower

Many people tend to think that having a machine that has large plates will lead to high production. The fact is, it will lead to having burned rosin which will definitely reduce the quality of your rosin. The best Rosin Press will always have narrow and long heat plates which makes the movement of the rosin faster and loaded as it moves to the edges thus having great quality.

  1. It has a higher press capacity

Press capacity will sometimes determine the amount of oil that will be extracted making it an important feature to look out for. The best press capacity for a good Rosin Press is 20g and above. An increase in press capacity automatically translates to increased pressure. An automated Rosin Press machine will do automatically.

  1. It uses hydraulic or electrical pressure

For commercial uses, it is advisable to use a hydraulic machine which can easily push more than 60,000lbs or electrical pressure machines which can push around 6,000 to 7,000 lbs. Pneumatic cylinders sometimes can be hard to control, so try to avoid them.

  1. Its Ease of Maintenance

The factors that you need to consider that we listed above will help you not to buy a cheap Rosin Press. By buying a cheap machine, you will be sure to have multiple breakdowns and leakages. Don’t just be blinded by the prices, go for the quality. A commercial hydraulic Rosin Press will serve you the best and is easy to maintain.


And now we have a unit which is a bit special. First of all, the heating plates have 5×5 inch dimensions, but they are also non-stick plated, thanks to a clever coating. We also liked the temperature range which is digitally controlled and it can reach 415 degrees Fahrenheit, which is above average and sufficient for most users today. The pressure is also an advantage of this model and it can reach 3000PSI.

In nutshell, this is a great rosin press which is still a manual model but it offers more sophisticated features than similar models from the same price range. We liked the idea and the design of the unit, so should you. Of course, it comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Digital temperature control
  • High level of pressure
  • 415 degrees Fahrenheit of heat
  • Coated heat plates


  • Reaching high pressure is complicated
  • Useless user manual


This is another model designed for heavy-duty applications. It is sophisticated, modern and when comes to pressure, it can withstand up to 20 tons. The secret is in the plates which are 40 mm thick and made from aluminum, while most other models have 15-mm thick plates.

The max temperature is 415 degrees Fahrenheit, so you will get plenty of needed heat. In a nutshell, this is an affordable unit, based on the latest technology, for those who want the best. It comes with everything you are going to need and it is built to last.


    • Design
    • Pressure
    • Temperature rising
    • Thicker plates than usual


  • Temperature readings are not very accurate


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