Tuopuke rosin press test and review

original post from autoflower https://bit.ly/38PVwnW

So as the title states I was sent this beautiful rosin press to test out. It's dual heated aluminium plates that measure 2.5in wide x 4.75in long it's advertised as 7ton but came with a 5ton bottle jack which to be honest is to big I think 3ton would be a perfect size for the plates, but either way that's the only negitive I can see very well built plain design which I prefer and easy to bring anywhere very sturdy . I have fully disassembled this press and electronic wise is solid and has a timer this unit sells for $350 which is a steal I'm very excited to use this press ass I pressed a small amount and this press did better than my 3x7 caged unit that is about the same in cost it's on a 12ton h frame and I don't think it yields aswell we will see soon enough, anyway there are some pics below more to come later @tuopuke come join in 

So I pressed my second time with this machine and I need to put the feet on it other than that I like it takes about 3min to 5min to warm up evenly, again build quality feel wise feels goods while pressing no creekin or anything like that very smooth and easy to use. So far I think it works better than my 3x7 the yield looks bigger and more clear will be posting more soon with pictures of the whole press with panels removed so more to come.