Using Rosin SOLVENTLESS extract ,decarb rosin

Stealth Mode. Make the strongest and safest THC vapes yourself.

Excuse me for not wearing latex gloves!

In this video:

7g Stardawg 23.3% THC

1 x Rosin Press

Rosin scraping tools

Parchment paper (bacofoil double sided parchment foil)

Rosin bag - 120u micron

Boveda humidity sachets - 62%

Silicon container

Fractionated coconut oil / MCTs

Plastic disposable syringe

Lates Gloves (which I didn’t wear)

Disposable vape cartridge - 510 thread

Keep cannabis in almost airtight container with boveda sachets for 1 days.

Break up Nugz and Budz and Hand press weed into bag using #bottletech method. Create a puck.

Heat rosin plates to 220F to get a good balance of yield and terpene retention

Place parchment in rosin press and press at 1.5 tonnes pressure for 2 mins at 220F

After press remove puck carefully and cut down parchment to manageable size

Put parchment in freezer for 5 mins

Scrape off parchment and put in silicon container

Put in fridge for 10 mins to stabilise

Take out and decarboxylate on 200f for 25 mins (you’ve already started the decarb process by pressing rosin so now it’s time to slowly finish it off...steady slow heat)

Mix the decarb rosin which is now a liquid with MCTs - just a few drops to keep your carts as strong as possible

Fill your cart almost to the brim - let stand for 10 mins then screw top on

Vape at around 8w - 210C /410F