Single cob weed light
126W Single COB weed grow light  IP44 full spectrum indoor plants Led lamp
126W Single COB weed grow light  IP44 full spectrum indoor plants Led lamp
126W Single COB weed grow light  IP44 full spectrum indoor plants Led lamp
126W Single COB weed grow light  IP44 full spectrum indoor plants Led lamp

126W Single COB weed grow light  IP44 full spectrum indoor plants Led lamp

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Product Info: 
Item Weight: 1.5kg
Max. Watts: 126W
Max area,0.6㎡/0.5m   6㎡/2m
LED Chips: Full spectrum Epileds
Actual Power Consumption about 126W, energy saving
LEDs Angle:  70°
Working Voltage: 85-265V
Working Environment: -20℃-40℃, 45%RH~90%RH
Lifespan: More than 50,000 hours
Warranty: 2 years warranty
Package Includes
1x 126 W Grow Light
1x Thermometer Humidity Monitor
1x Power Cord
1x Adjustable Rope
1x Stainless Steel Hanging Hook Kits
1. Newest Reflector Series LED Grow Light is scientifically engineered to keep the balance of the PAR/Lumen Output and Coverage.
2.VEG&BLOOM Double Switch: VEG for seeding and BLOOM for flowering and fruiting. We suggest lighting 16-18 hours per day for seeding and growing ,and lighting 9-11 hours per day for flowering.
3.Convenient Daisy Chain Design: can be used multiple lights with the power cord in the original package at the same time.
4.Efficient Cooling System: Two stronger cooling fans speed up light’s internal heat convection, keep it quiet and cool, and working longer.
5.Bonus Thermometer Humidity Monitor: Monitoring the humidity of planting tent at any time, make ensure your plants have a comfortable growing environment.
Product Features: 

HIGH PAR VALUE- The big difference of us is the scientifical reflector design, it can increase up to 30% of lights, 100% of power usage towards actual growth, improving efficiency. However, others without reflector reflect more than 90° increase coverage area with low impact lights and wasting energy.
FULL SPECTRUM - Wills Led full spectrum through lots of rigorous tests, which mimic natural sunshine to help plants achieve the best balance, ideal for indoor hydroponics, veg & flower, seedling plant at all growth stages, not only make plants grow healthily, but also increase yield.
ENERGY SAVING - To replace traditional 500w HPS/MH lamp while consuming only 300W, saving more energy and money! perfect for a 4x4ft growing area at 24" height. Flexible vents design on the light for better heat dissipation, two stronger cooling fans and updated aluminum heat sink speed up the cooling rate, keep the light cool and quiet.
VEG&BLOOM SWITCH - VEG for seeding and BLOOM for flowering and fruiting, meet all your plants growth stages with the right full spectrum by controlling the two channels separately. The upgraded 1200W grow light plus daisy chain function that can be connected in series with power cord in the original package, maximum of six lights connecting.
BEST SERVICE- We are a professional LED light manufacturer with strong R&D team and many light testers. 2 years warranty plus 30 days money back guarantee. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with a completely satisfying reply.
1. Suitable for hydroponics, horticulture, greenhouse
2. Suitable for plants growing, flowering and fruiting
3. Lighting time setup: Vegetative Stage:10-12 hours on; Flowering Stage:8-10 hours on. Fruiting Stage:7-8 hours on
4. Tips for increasing lifespan: please let the light have a rest for about 20mins after 4-5 hours working.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How far should LED grow lights be from plants?

Plants need a different amount of light during different stages of the growth cycle. You can control the intensity by changing the height of LEDs above plants.


24 inches


24 to 30 inches

Vegetative Stage:

18 to 24 inches


12 to 18 inches


Q. How long does LED grow lights last?

Assuming a standard amount of usage, quality LED grow lights should last for at least 10 years. Many products come with warranty coverage around this length of time.


Q. What are double chip LED grow lights?

Double chip grows lights are equipped with two semiconductor chips per LED instead of one. This means they’re twice as bright as a normal LED. They’re excellent for large growing spaces, as you get a more powerful unit without it being huge and unwieldy. If you have a small canopy, you don’t need double chip LED grow lights.