pneumatic rosin press 12000psi is 12cm x12cm plates
12000psi big pressure pneumatic rosin press
Pneumatic automatic rosin press dual heat press
pneumatic rosin heat press with big pressure
dual controller setting heat press rosin pneuamtic type
pneumatic rosin press plates are yellow or red
Pneumatic rosin press with air compressor

Pneumatic Auto rosin press 12000PSI 1015-5 New

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Pneumatic Auto rosin press 12000PSI 1015-5 New

Basic Information

Voltage: 110V/220V
Power: 550W
Time range: 0s-999s
Max temp: 0-250 celsius degree
Printing area: 10x15cm(4x6"), 15x20cm(6x8")
Machine Name:
Rosin Press Pneumatic
Machine Model
LCB 1015-5
Feature: Suitable for printing sticker, label and other samll size materials, Auto operation, High pressure


The Rosin Press is the best selling press on the market. Its ability to produce Rosin is fantastic.  T-shirt presses provide heavy even force to make Rosin.  It can press flower and dry sift without a problem.  The high amounts of force that can be applied to the T-shirt press created a lot of pressure between the plates.  These high pressures easily extract the Rosin from the plant matter.  This T-shirt press turns producing rosin into a very efficient and fast process.  The variable heat settings and timer makes the Power Press is the t-shirt press to purchase.


Rosin Press Pneumatic 

1). print clothes, bedcloth, metal sheet, plastic sheet, rock slate, phone case, and all other flat products.

2). Press tea leaves, Rosin and herb, cake, etc.