TUOPUKE Mini Rosin Press Hydraulic 5Ton Pressure Solid Plates 2.5in by 5in

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  • Plug in the power socket, set temp./time for each control panel, Say. 240F, 30sec. and raises to the set temp
  • Put the rosin hash or seeds into a fliter bagrosi
  • Put the rosin filter bag cover by silicon oil paper, and placing on the lower heating element
  • Rosin will be adhesive to silicon oil paper, you may use the rosin tool to collect the rosin when they are still fliud. And you can collect the rosin and make storage
  • 5ton Big pressure
  • Specification
    Item Code,HP3809-M
    Item Style, Manual
    Plate Size, 2.5in*5in
    Electric Data, 110V/50Hz, 1400W
    Max. Temp. 235°C (450°F)
    N.W., 20kg,
    plywood carton


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