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Tuopuke Rosin Press Kit 4x7" RK04 with 4 Pcs Rod Heaters, Dual Temp Sensors, Temperature Control Box - Pair With H Frame Hydraulic Press


4x7" Rosin Press Plates - Well Suited to Large Batches in Pressing for Industrial Use;
Paired with 20 - 25 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press

Food-grade Heated Platens - Made of Solid 6061 Aluminum; Easy to Clean and Best Flavor Guaranteed.

600 Watts with 4Pcs Heating Rods - Quick Heating up to Setting Temp Evenly, and Accurate Temp Delivered Utilizing Separated Temp Sensors and Rods.

Long Working Life Guaranteed - More Than 6,000 Times Service of Heating Rods and 20 Amp Relay and Replacement Fuse Attached.

One Heating Plate Powers by 2Pcs 300W Rod Heater
Heating Up Quickly Since Powered by 600 Watts
RK04 Rosin Plate Kit Needs to be Attached to a Hydraulic Device by Yourself.
Well-packaged, without Any Marks on Thickened Plain Carton.
It'll Be Delivered from Factory by DHL
Support Use about Yield and Press

Packing List:
1Set x Solid Rosin Plates
1Pcs x Rosin Control Box with
4 Pcs Rod HeatersInstruction Manual
 2Pcs x Screwdriver Tool 

Temperature Range: 0-399F
Voltage: 110V
Power: 600W
Each Heater: 300W
Plate Size: 4" x 7"
External Package: Foam Inside,strong carton box
Gross Weight: 6.5kgs

Recommended Rosin Filter Bag tuopuke Rosin Filter Bags

Point Piston Ram of Hydraulic at Center of Top-platen and Then Tighten 4 Included Bolts
Put Bottom-platen And Top-platen In Alignment Together on Bamboo Plank
Compatible with Any Hydraulic Press < 20 TonsPress
Ram Diameter < 2.16 inch ( 55mm )
Do Not Switch on PID Temp Controller Box Without Putting Rod into Aluminum Platen
One Person Operation
Keep It out of Reach of Children
Tuopuke Digital Temp Controller Is Compatible to E-Nail for Vaping 

Temperature Range: 0-399F
 Voltage: 110V
 Power: 600W
 Each Heater: 150W
 Plate Size: 4" x 7"
 External Package: Foam Inside,strong carton box
 Gross Weight: 6.5kgs

Q:What is the estimated time for shipping to Ellicottville New York 14731
A: we handle the order in 2 days and ship it by DHL which will cost 3-5days to be deliveryed
Q: Can you guys sell sell the controlbox and heating rods with out the plates..?
A:yes we also sell the controller box and heating rods without the plates,the product link are as below https://www.sztuopuke.com/products/pid-controller-with-heat-probes 


1. We have warranty on the bags received broken or wrong size.

Not Warranty on:

- Improper assembly. 

- Improper follow-up maintenance. 

- Installation of components, parts, or accessories not compatible with the machine as sold. 

- Damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, or neglect. 

- Labor charges for part replacement or changeover. 

- Machine used for commercial activities, including those in rental, demo, or security fleets.

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