Easy Grinder Black Automatic Herbal Grinder

$95.00 $35.00


- 7 x 3 x 2 in.

- Net Weight: 9 oz.

- Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery.

- USB Charging Cable.

- Cleaning Brush.

- Extra Grinding Blade.

Available in 4 stylish colors:

- Black.

- Silver.

- Gold.

- Rose Gold.


Powerful grinding blades can grind up to 2.5 g of herbs as fine or as coarse as you need. Grind up to 5 hours on a single charge or over 300 grinds. Detachable storage case can be used as a manual grinder when no charge is left.

Multi-Functional Storage

Another unique feature of the easy Grinder allows you to detach the nozzle, loading chamber and end cap so that you can combine them into a secure and compact carrying case for herb on the go! The secure o-rings around the storage chamber make for an airtight seal so you can discreetly party with your best buds.