15W Laser,Stainless Steel Engrave Marking Machine

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Nanosecond timing of serial data transmission substantially without delay
Power adjustable
High power pulsed laser,
Lifts fast focusing
Targeting low light gray print!

1. Interface: USB
2, Power: 12v4A
3, laser power: impulse=15W, average 6-7w output.
4, the appearance size: 280cm*320mm*23mm
5, Engraving area: 140mm*200mm
6, Weight: 3.6KG
7, package size: 380*360*230mm
8,laser size: 95mm*45mm(L W)
9, laser focus: No
10, can be carved material: stainless steel, wood,
bamboo, leather, plastic, etc.
keep laser working distance is 16mm and adjust the power level with 16-20ms this is for metal engrave