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Pneumatic 30Ton rosin press |dual heat press 30ton aluminium plates |big pressure rosin press |

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30 ton 2 in1 Hard Press Hydraulic Pneumatic Heat Rosin Press CK30T

30ton big pressure pneumatic rosin heat press,the plates are made by aluminium and the heat coils are inside of the plates.The plates size are 12cmx12cm.Both the plates can be heated.The plates size are big enough for 20g flower and strain.The machine need air compressor to provide the pressure.We suggest the air compressor 6 gallons , 1,5 HP , 100 psi


Product Description

  • Heat Press Style: Flat press with mug press

  • Non-Stick Coated Heat Plates

  • Even Heat and pressure Die-casting Heat Platen

  • Digital timer and temperature control

  • Heat resistant silicon pad capable of enduring high temperatures.CE Approved

  • Voltage: 110V/220V

  • Temperature Range: 0° - 415º F


  • Rugged and durable for years of trouble-free performance

  • Thick items capable (up to 1/2 inch thick)

  • Micro processor precision heat and temperature gauge

  • Scratch resistant baked-on paint

  • Full range heating coils for quick heat up

  • Heat indicating light

  • Electronic time control indicates completion of heat press cycle

Our Service

    • 1. One year warranty on whole machine/parts

    • 2. Five years warranty on flat heating plates

    • 3. Five years warranty on casting and welding parts

    • 4. One year warranty on mug,plate and cap heating elements

    • 5. Free lifetime tecnology support on all orders